Local UAW members feel America can't quit on manufacturing

Report by Justin Michaels - email

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP (WTOL) - With the auto industry in such turmoil, UAW workers from the Local 1435 union are worried about their jobs and their futures.

News 11's Justin Michaels met with some of those union members from the Toledo Machining Plant in Perrysburg Township.

"We're worried about our jobs. We're worried about our future," one employee tells us.

Another says, "We can't lose our manufacturing base. We need our manufacturing base."

A third says, "We just can't let this auto industry fall."

Three men - all directly affected by an American auto industry in peril.

"We try to do all we can to support the community as auto workers, middle class workers, and for them to turn their back on the auto industry and use the UAW will not take concessions, wage concessions is disheartening," says UAW Local 1435 President Wayne Blanchard.

He and his fellow 900 union members work in Toledo's Chrysler machining plant. Wayne is upset at the United States Senate leaving the auto industry with no help. "The auto industry is in bad shape right now, and we're asking for a loan. They're using the word bailout, but we're asking for a loan."

Local 1435 Shop Chairman Rich Devour says he's willing to take a reduction in pay to keep his job. "If we don't have a company to work for, then we don't have to worry about a pay cut. We don't have to worry about health care or anything else. So the alternative is much worse."