NEW DETAILS: Troy Neff show canceled one day after stabbing

NEW DETAILS: News 11 has learned that Clear Channel, the company who owns the radio station carrying the Troy Neff show, has discontinued his radio show effective immediately. We are told it is due to an internal dispute between Neff and Clear Channel administrators. We're investigating for further information that will be on News 11 at 11 p.m.

Report by Justin Michaels

This is an interview with Troy Neff after he was released from the hospital. This interview took place before the cancellation of his show was announced.

(WTOL) - Little less than 24 hours after he was stabbed three times, local radio host Troy Neff is home resting while his attacker is behind bars.

Neff and his alleged attacker, Jeffery Hardeman fought after an apparent road rage incident. Neff says Hardeman cut him off at the intersection of Holiday Lane and Route 20 in Perrysburg Township.

"Initially I was just trying to get him to understand or acknowledge that he just didn't have the right of way. That's all," says Neff.

He recalls Wednesday night, December 10 when road rage turned into violence. "I could just tell. It seemed like he wasn't going to stop. And so what I did is, I hit my horn and stopped my vehicle."

Neff's act of blowing the horn prompted Jeffery Hardeman of Knoxville, Tennessee to gesture and yell obscenities.

Neff says he responded with the same, and soon the two got out of their cars. "The one thing I would say, or the one thing I'll be criticized for will be that I got out of my vehicle," he tells us.

From there, the men began to fight. Soon after, Neff was stabbed three times. "It would absolutely be classified as road rage," he says.

Hardeman got back into his car and drove across the street to the Holiday Inn Express while Neff called 911.

You can watch the full interview with Neff by clicking on the featured video.

Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn says drivers need to leave the law enforcement to the law enforcers. "The key thing to do is not get upset when someone tailgates or when someone cuts you off." He adds, "It's not your job to yell at someone, to do hand gestures, to do other gestures that are going to irritate somebody because you're just going to escalate the situation."

The sheriff says one of the worst things you can do is get out of your car. "Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Don't take it personally. When someone does a hand gesture or gets upset, just understand that they may be having a really bad day. Drive safely. Take your time."