Neighbors want no part of auto parts chain

Reported by Rob Wiercinski email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Controversy is brewing over whether or not the "Pull-A-Part" auto parts chain should open a shop along the 300 block of Westwood Ave.

It's billed as the premiere Do-It-Yourself used auto parts superstore, but Linda Narges believes the company should not be allowed to set up right across the street from her home.

"We're going to have too much traffic, too much litter; there's litter out there already, they need to go to an industrial place where they're off the expressway away from the residential people," Narges said.

Narges believes the new location is also too close to the new Burroughs Elementary School.

"Can you imagine how it's going to be like when school's out? There's the traffic here, it's going to be a mess," Narges said.

Other neighbors agree.

"We got too many junkyards already. If it goes in, it's going to create more crime, more traffic," said Ida Dyer.

Though the city planning commission has recommended approval, a simple majority vote of city council can reject the proposal, and that's what Narges and other neighbors are hoping for.

"It's time they realize these people here, we don't want to hear the noise, we don't want to see the traffic, we don't want to look at the billboards. We want them out of the neighborhood," Narges said.

Toledo City Council will discuss the proposal during a committee meeting Wednesday afternoon at 4. Council could vote on the issue as early as next Tuesday.