Holiday scams don't fool her, she says

Reported by Mika Highsmith email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - It's the season for giving, and like many Americans, Amber Gillis could use some extra cash.

"I could spend it on a lot of stuff right now," Gillis said.

So imagine how surprised she was when she received a check for just about $5,000.

"I opened it up and I saw the check and I was happy at first," she admitted, until she read the letter and found out what she was supposed to do: cash the check, spend some of the money in retail outlets and send $1,800 by Western Union and $2,200 by MoneyGram.

Gillis figured out the offer was a scam. But during these tough economic times, even the smartest people fall for it.

Dick Eppstein with the Better Business Bureau is hoping people don't deposit or cash the checks. If you get one in the mail, don't cash it. Instead, report it to the BBB.