Dog warden oversight; No smiling for licenses

Dog warden oversight committee

Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop has proposed an oversight group for the county dog warden. Konop says the dog warden is doing good work when it comes to the public safety end of his job. But, a group of local animal rights activists have complained about the way the office is run. If approved, the panel would be made up of pet advocate groups and public safety officials.

Do you think the group is necessary? Should there be more oversight of dog warden tom Skeldon, or is he doing a good job?

No smiling for driver licenses

Drivers in Indiana will have to work to keep a straight face from now on. That's because there is no more smiling allowed for license pictures. Officials say they're enacting the new rules to use a facial recognition software that makes sure the person getting their picture taken is the person who is supposed to be renewing their license.

Should people be able to smile in what is usually an unflattering picture anyway, or is the new software a good way to protect people?

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