EcoTrack 11: Who's better at recycling?

Report by Chris Vickers - email | bio
Posted by LS

BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - Next time you toss the trash, stop and think just what your sending to the landfill. We all know recycling many everyday products is a better alternative, but recycling rates nationally still sit near 30 percent. We as a country can do better.

"When you see the cardboard, you see the plastic bottles. You see the steel cans still rolling off the back of those trash trucks. You see that there is definite potential for that to be captured and recycled. It's just a matter of changing habit and establishing programs. I mean, there's huge potential for it to increase," says Environmental Educator Amanda Gamby.

But to improve recycling efforts, your help is needed. Here is what you can do:

"We want you to first reduce your waste. If you can't, then recycle it. Then, on the other end, we need you to go buy those recycled products. If you don't buy them, there's no market for all this stuff coming in,"

Working toward a green lifestyle is easy, and recycling is something we all can pitch in and do. Making sure cans, glass, plastics, papers and other recyclables don't end up in a landfill.

Gamby says, "When we go to the landfill, it is almost hard for us to go up there because when it is in the landfill, it stays there forever."

Fortunately, there are many positive signs that the recycling effort is going in the right direction. "Industries are doing very well with this. Industries try their best to, especially as of the last few years, reduce the amount of waste and recycle as much as they can. It's more us as individuals who need to jump on board with it."