Barack Obama Day; she left her adopted son in Nebraska

There's already a holiday for a president who hasn't even taken office yet.

A community in Alabama is so excited about Barack Obama's win that they're adding a paid holiday to their 2009 calendar. City workers in Marion will get the second Monday in November off for "Barack Obama Day."

Leaders there decided on the holiday because of the overwhelming number of votes for Obama from the 12,000 area residents.

But, not everyone is happy about the holiday. Critics say there is a better way to spend money than giving people a day off work.

So, what do you think? Does the President-elect deserve his own holiday? Would you like to see the U.S. adopt "Barack Obama Day?"

A "safe haven" dropoff may have backfired on a woman from the Detroit suburbs. The court is allowing her only supervised visitation with her four other children.

In October, Teri Martin drove from Southfield, Mich., to Omaha to give up her 13-year-old adopted son. But now Martin cannot return home because of a possible custody trial in Michigan courts.

Her husband claims his wife is not a threat to the kids.

So, should she be allowed to go home? Is the court right to try to take her other children away?What do you think of parents who abandon their teenage children in Nebraska?

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