Atheist holiday display; controlling teen dancing

A Christmas display in Washington State is sparking debate.

A sign in Olympia, the state capitol, is being added to the usual holiday displays.

It's from an organization representing atheists and says, "Religion is a myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

There are many cities that have eliminated all holiday displays to avoid controversies like this.

So, do you think the sign is appropriate? Should it be allowed in the state capitol building? Or does the group have just as much right to put up a display as anyone else?

If students at a Washington high school want to go to dances, they're going to have to take a class. It's all part of the principal's attempt to crack down on "dirty dancing."

So far, because of sexually explicit dancing, one school function has been cancelled. And, if the kids want prom, they're going to have to sign a contract and take a mandated dance class.

Some students are upset by the new requirements, but what do you think? Should the principal have cancelled the winter dance? Are the restrictions a good idea?

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