Chrysler Executives hold town hall in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - While leaders of the Big Three were in Washington, and members of the union were in Detroit, a top Chrysler executive talked about the future of the company.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and other local leaders attended the meeting at the Jeep Supplier Park in north Toledo. Chrysler President Tom Lasorda and other company executives were there, too.

The focus of the meeting was the importance of the auto industry and the future of the company.

Source: Chrysler Media Release

Chrysler Executives Tom LaSorda and Frank Ewasyshyn to Hold Community Town Hall in Toledo, Ohio, to Highlight Auto Industry Impact on "Everytown, U.S.A."


Chrysler LLC President and Vice Chairman Tom LaSorda and Executive Vice President - Manufacturing Frank Ewasyshyn will hold a community town hall at the Toledo Supplier Park in Toledo, Ohio, to rally support for the U.S. auto industry, highlighting its impact on towns across the country. With help from representatives from CSX Transportation and Fleet Car Carriers as well as members of the community that benefit from Chrysler's support, the Chrysler executives will make the case that a strong and healthy auto industry is vital to our nation's local communities, economy and security. LaSorda will also discuss highlights of Chrysler's plan for future success. In addition, the Town Hall is a chance for stakeholders to voice their opinions about what Congress and the general public should know about the deep impact the auto industry has on the local Toledo community.


Tom LaSorda, Vice Chairman and President, Chrysler LLC
Frank Ewasyshyn, Executive Vice President - Manufacturing, Chrysler LLC
Bruce Baumhauer, President, UAW Local 12
Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner
Dr. Anne Baker, Executive Director and CEO, Toledo Zoo
Brian J. Daly, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Fleet Car Carriers
Rusty Orben, Director of Public Affairs (Ohio), CSX Transportation 


Toledo Supplier Park 4400 Chrysler Drive Toledo, Ohio 43608


From I-75, exit at Stickney Avenue (exit 207) Head north on Stickney Avenue Media and guests should use the employee entrance marked "Gate 3" accessible directly from

Stickney Avenue Visuals:

Chrysler executives and members of the Toledo community pledging their support of the American auto industry The Jeep ® EV, the company's Range-extended Electric Vehicle that provides a glimpse into the future of a "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" vehicle with renowned Jeep Wrangler capability, will serve as a backdrop Toledo Supplier Park employees rallying in support of the U.S. auto industry

Additional Information:

Chrysler has deep roots in Toledo, the birthplace of Jeep, with its legendary "go-anywhere, do-anything" heritage. Jeep's military heritage is a reminder of why America needs a strong manufacturing base if it is going to continue to be a world leader. In recent years, Chrysler has made major investments in the Toledo community; the Toledo North Assembly Plant, where the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro are built; the Toledo Supplier Park, home to the Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited; and the Toledo Machining Plant, producers of steering columns on Chrysler products.