Contractor leaves her with a big, fat mess

Reported by Mika Highsmith email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

SWANTON (WTOL) - The inside of Mary Parker's garage is less a garage than a place to store merchandise to sell at garage sales.

But it's small so she hired a contractor to build an addition to the garage.

Turns out the guy started the work -- and then didn't finish.

No big deal if that's the whole story, right?

The fact is, Parker paid the guy $6,800 -- up front.

Now she knows that was a big mistake. Further, when she calls him, he "acts like the phone is broke or he has a bad connection," she says.

So, she contacted Call 11 for Action problem solver, Mika Highsmith.

Mika spoke with the contractor who says he told Parker that the roof in the back of the garage had to be replaced before the garage could be enlarged. She'd agreed, he said, but ran out of money. He says he wants to finish the job, but she says she wants the back roof done first.

The contractor says he'll call Parker.

Mika says the lesson is to not pay the whole fee up front and always to know what's in your contract.