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EcoTrack11: Organic dry cleaning a greener choice?

Reported by Tara Hastings - bio | email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - When you hear the word organic it probably conjures up images of natural food and clothing. But is organic dry cleaning a green choice?

"And I thought stepping it up a notch and taking my clothes to an eco-friendly dry cleaner would be just one more thing that I could do," says Brad Newman.

Brad Newman considers himself an eco-conscious. It's out of his way and costs a little more, but Brad goes to a dry cleaner that advertises organic. But what exactly does organic dry cleaning mean?

"The FTC doesn't have any specific rules or regulations that apply," says James Kohm of the Federal Trade Commission.

With no definition, organic is different for every dry cleaner.

"For us, organic dry cleaning means using non-toxic chemicals in eco-friendly ways to clean our customers' clothes," says dry cleaner Dale Cho.

They use a Hydrocarbon solvent, which is petroleum based. According to the EPA, this is not eco-friendly.

"When it is emitted, it produces smog as well as it is a greenhouse gas," says Peter Sinsheimer of the Pollution Prevention Center.

Other organic cleaners use a silicone based system but more research needs to be done to determine if it's eco-friendly.

Experts says to ask what the organic dry cleaner uses. Brad did and he wasn't happy with the answer.

"I'll definitely rethink my dry cleaning now," says Newman.


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