A TARPS bus hit my car

Report by Mika Highsmith - email

SOUTH TOLEDO (WTOL) - Her car was hit in July. It's fixed now, but she still doesn't have it.

That's because she refuses to pay for damage caused after a TARPS bus hit her car outside her home in the 5900 block of Andora in south Toledo.

She's been trying to get the TARPS insurance company to take care of it, but now she's forced to turn to Problem Solver Mika Highsmith.

"I was coming back from the store. I turned left. While I was turning left, the TARPS bus passed me on the left side striking my vehicle," says Ashlyn Sund.

"Over $4,200 worth of damage," she says.

Since then, the car has been repaired, but Sund can't drive it. Nor can she see it because it's at the shop. Why? "Because TARPS insurance company is refusing to pay for it."

Now all she has is nine pictures of her car that are on her computer taken after the accident.

"She hit me so hard, the whole component of the headlight flew out -- two doors down, across the street."

Sund says First Transit, the company that ran TARPS at the time, had the vehicle appraised. She even has the paperwork to prove it.

"They claim that the accident was partially my fault, but I was not charged with anything," says Sund.

It turns out the driver of the bus was charged for improper use of brakes. According to a letter obtained by News 11, that doesn't justify fault.

Since Sund didn't cause it, she doesn't understand why she'd have to pay.

Mika Highsmith did some digging. The bus drivers driving record has six charges from speeding to running red lights and failure to control. One charge is even ramming someone from behind.

Forget confusion. Sund is flat-out angry. "She shouldn't have even been driving the bus."

Since the accident, TARTA says the driver has had a good record, so she's still employed. As for the accident, TARPS just took over in October, so they say they're not liable for something that happened in July. Mika contacted First Transit out of Cincinnati, and they are investigating the situation with the appraisal department to figure out how to resolve this.