Security guards deter crime, but rarely used at carry outs

Report by Lisa Rantala - email
Posted by LS

NORTH TOLEDO (WTOL) - They came in with guns terrorizing shoppers, but left when the tables were turned on them. Toledo police say a security guard confronted the two gunman at the 7-11 on LaGrange early Wednesday morning, November 26.

They rushed in with guns out and masks covering their faces. From the surveillance video, you can see the 2 a.m. customers at this 7-11 obeyed and got down on the ground.

Before the robbers got their hands on the register, someone else appeared with a badge and a gun. "They walked around the store. They were there. They made their presence known," says Kenneth Lipkins.

Lipkins worked at the 7-11 for eight years and felt safe with security guards this time of year. "Especially during the holiday time," he says, "because people get really greedy during this time and desperate."

He says the robbery proves they work since the robbers took off with no one hurt and no cash in hand. with the high number of armed robberies, he wonders why more stores don't use them.

"If you see a live officer in uniform, it's like having an ace in your hand," says Kabil Shaheen of Kabil's Quick Stop. Shaheen takes security seriously with cameras, an alarm on his register and bullet-proof glass. Though he says none of it beats live security.

He says 95% of the stores don't use security guards since they cost $25 dollars an hour. "You have to be making enough money to be able to afford it, really."

He hopes this success will prompt changes, even causing the city to offer up its own officers for a flat yearly fee to protect those caught in crimes like this.