Obama pledges to cut wasteful govt. spending

Posted by Nick Dutton -

CHICAGO (AP) - President-elect Barack Obama is pledging to eliminate unnecessary government spending and programs.

He's vowing to get rid of programs that have outlived their usefulness, or that exist solely because of the power of politicians.

As he named Peter Orszag as his White House budget chief. Orszag is currently the head of the Congressional Budget Office.

If he's confirmed by the Senate, he'll head the White House office through which federal agency budget requests must flow.

The announcement comes as Obama spells out his budget-trimming plans, even as his team puts together an economic recovery package that could cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

Obama told reporters that budget reform is a necessity, not just an option. He said it's not about big government or small government, it's about smarter government.

Renewing his campaign pledge, he said his staff is going through the federal budget, page by page and line by line, to make sure that those programs that are kept are done sensibly.

Obama's comments come even as he calls for an economic rescue plan that could add up to hundreds of billions of dollars.

Source: The Associated Press