Internet suicide; School text ban

Internet suicide

A teenager who committed suicide in front of a webcam was apparently urged on by the people watching. Authorities are still trying to piece together what happened.

The family of 19-year-old Abraham Biggs is outraged people actually encouraged the Florida college student to take his own life.

Some internet users claim they thought it was a joke. Eventually, sometime during the 12 hours it took for him to die someone called the police.

Right now, it's unclear how many people were watching the webcast and the website will not release the information.

Biggs' family wants the people watching to be held responsible for the death, but what do you think? Can criminal charges be filed for looking at something on a webcast or is it all just a tragic occurrence?

School text ban

An Ohio school district is debating whether or not to ban text messages between students and teachers. The debate follows and incident last year where a coach was fired for sending inappropriate messages, but students and other staff say texting is a valuable tool.

The southwestern Ohio school board held a meeting about the issue last week and will continue talks next month.

Coaches in middletown say they use text messaging to notify teams if games or practices are canceled. And, students believe it's more convenient to get information by text.

Should the teachers and students be sending text messages back and forth? Are text messages more convenient than phone calls and is there a way to enforce a ban like this?

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