Bunny bandit to face felony charges, police say

Reported by Lisa Rantala email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Imagine coming home, finding your place trashed and your loved one gone. One woman says her bouncing bundle of joy was taken by a burglar last weekend at her boyfriend's house on Kreiger in south Toledo.

It took a week and a lot of bizarre twists, but Rachel Dangerfield finally got her happy reunion.

Police say nothing was hurt, and no one was harmed, but they're still on the hunt tonight for the bunny snatcher.

Dangerfield got her bunny, Moo-Moo, from the Humane Society. Some time later, she returned home one evening to find her bunny gone.

"My first thought was that Moo-Moo tore the house up," she said.

Turns out, someone had broken into her boyfriend's house and taken the bunny.

So in a panic, Dangerfield put up fliers. She assumed all was lost. Then she got a call. A woman told her she knew the burglar.

"I later learned that they were going to feed him to a snake," Dangerfield said.

But since Moo-Moo was too big for that, the bunny was spared.

The caller told Dangerfield she'd give her bunny back -- but for $30. Dangerfield agreed and is hoping her bunny will bounce back.

As for the bunny bandit, she wants him punished -- and police say it will be with a third degree felony.