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News 11 Special Report: Choreplay

Reported by Lauren Lowrey email

Posted by Kate Oatis email

(WTOL) - Ashley Groetz's kitchen is where Ashley's husband is cooking, hoping to heat things up in the bedroom.

"If he helps out around the house, he gets a little reward himself," Ashley says.

Sound familiar? It's a concept called "choreplay." Some women say they are turned on by the sight of their husbands doing regular household chores.

This theory isn't anything new, some say.

"I'm not surprised at all. The reality is that one of the reasons choreplay works so well is that most women don't have any time," says psychologist Sheryl Kingsberg.

"If I'm tired or stressed out from screaming kids, sex is the last thing on my mind," Ashley says.

Parenting Magazine found 15 percent of moms prefer choreplay over foreplay.

"If you make them happy, they'll make you happy," says Jamey Groetz, who's hoping for the best.

So pull out the honey-do list, and leave off the flowers and chocolate. According to choreplay theory, all you really need to do is clean the kitchen.

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