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Rate Your Risk: Murder

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Having your home broken into or being assaulted are bad enough. But having a family member or friend intentionally killed?

There will always be an empty feeling for Kathy Newlove. Her daughter, Alicia Castillon, was murdered on March 29, 2007, in her Parker Street home in Bowling Green.

Castillon's ex-boyfriend, Craig Daniels, was charged with the crime, as well as the shooting death of Alicia's boyfriend, John Mitchell. Daniels pleaded guilty to the crimes.

"It does come and go though, I mean I have really bad days and I have really good days. But sometimes I will look at a picture of my daughter or look at her name or whatever and I will think, I am never going to see my daughter again and it hits me all over again."

Kathy's daughter was clearly a victim of domestic abuse that reached its most deadly point. But retired Toledo Police Sergeant Richard Murphy says there are many other motives for murder.

"Murder is the most unpredictable crime that law enforcement has to face. If you're going to murder someone, they sure don't telegraph you ahead of time that it's going to happen."

Murphy says you should always be aware if someone is following you. They might be looking for an easy target for another crime, maybe even murder.

"Don't go to work the same way you do every day. If you go, go down and take a right instead of taking a left and just go around the corner. It only costs you a few extra pennies to do that. And coming home, don't always take the same route home."

And he says your risk of being murdered goes way up when someone is into drugs or hangs out with the wrong crowd. That's especially true with gangs.

Kathy Newlove wishes her daughter had a chance to reduce her risk. Alicia had left Craig Daniels and his anger boiled over.

"In my daughter's case he was intent on committing the act. There was no way that anyone or anything was going to stop him from doing what he did, he was just that obsessed with my daughter," says Newlove.

Daniels is serving a life in prison sentence, but Kathy's pain will never go away.

Tonight at 11:00, Tim Miller shows the web site that can rate your risk of becoming a murder victim.

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