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News 11 Special Report: Weight Loss Shoes

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Let's face it, everybody's got a few pounds they'd like to lose, but not everybody can get to the gym to exercise. Now there's a shoe that could help you move toward your goal.

The shoes are weighted. The Nikken Cardiostride -- made by a company in Japan -- is being offered to people in cities across the U.S. Dr. Randir Paul offered to put them to the test.

Paul works some long days in the pediatric emergency room at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland.

"I'm a physician and I really need to know how it works, what is the outcome and what are the side effects before I'd recommend them to anyone else," Paul said. "Lifting my leg is even exercise to me."

After three weeks, Paul says he's had enough of an increased calorie burn and muscle build to drop 5 lbs., go down a belt notch, and even find renewed energy.

While the doctor stresses the shoes are best for people who do a lot of walking, he says they're also good for people with a more sedentary lifestyle; that way you burn more calories just going to the copier.

Do a little research, and you'll find some warnings from so-called online experts about the risk of muscle strains and joint injuries.

Madeline Zaworski, a coronary care nurse, changed her career path to market the shoes for Nikken. She claims the shoes can increase metabolism by 25 percent, burn an average of 300 or more calories a day, which can take off more than 30 lbs. a year.

But she points out, it goes deeper than that.

She says wearing the shoes can help lower blood sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol.

With the differently weighted inserts you can actually work your way up, and maybe work your way to a healthier you.

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