EcoTrack11: Agency believes Ohio has bright future in alternative energy

Posted by Nick Dutton -

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) -Creating jobs by making parts for alternative energy sources. That's the push by the Ohio Department of Development. And officials think it has a future here in northwest Ohio.

Jim ZuberOhio Department of Development

Tom BlahaWood County Economic Development Commission

Tony SutorIndustrial Efficiency Expert

The Ohio Department of Development believes the state has a tremendous future in alternative energy, specifically the manufacturing end of it. Companies across the state are being encouraged to start making parts for wind turbines or even components for solar panels.

"So because of that, we've got for manufacturing and the deployment of these types of services, it has a great future for jobs in our industry."

Economic development leaders and company officials are meeting to gather information and learn about financial assistance to can help them join this growing energy market.

"Just like an automobile or airplane--there are individual pieces that have to go into that technology and there's existing companies right here in Ohio that have the capability to build the pieces that go into those."

"Development officials are traveling across the state promoting what they call 'the advanced energy supply chain.' Biggest challenge so for is getting companies to come on board."

And if they do, they're encouraged to use alternative energy sources themselves. Doing so can increase competitiveness and much more.

"So as they're producing the widgets they produce, they do it in a more efficient manner, more effective manner and therefore reduce costs."

The push for Ohio companies to start making those alternative energy widgets is almost a year old. So far, 100 companies have joined the supply chain.