DHL makes cuts in Wilmington, Oh and across U.S.

WILMINGTON, OH (ONN) - At the Wilmington Air Park they are putting together a job transition center. A place to help people find work. Hopes to save nearly 8,000 jobs or more are fading.

The German-owned shipper DHL just announced it will end delivery service in the U.S.. City leaders think that's a prelude to shutting down the Clinton County Air Hub.  Shipping employee Dorvan Bostick know this, he was injured but is back on the job, only then to discover his company may ship out.

"I probably lost use of both my legs. I don't know how I am going to care of my family."

Dorvan isn't alone. DHL says had cut thousands of job just today in the U.S. to help the company survive. It made the announcement through an interpreter.

"We are sorry we had to make this,   but this was best for the company," said DHL Interpreter in Bonn, Germany.

The potential departure of DHL is more than the loss of one employer, it also could take down with it some 18 local companies that depend on it.

The mayor says the cut would be catastrophic.

"We are not going to have ghost town. We can pull together," says Wilmington Mayor David Raizk.

The mayor and other officials are hopeful some of the international shipping may stay in Wilmington, but then that would be only one tenth of the jobs they have now.
So it could be January that this region and this city will discover what it will transition to, with or without the shipper DHL.

Source: ONN contributed to this report.