Wilkowski likely to launch Toledo mayor campaign

Report by Dick Berry - email
Posted by LS

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Attorney Keith Wilkowski has leased the former downtown Toledo campaign headquarters of President-elect Barack Obama.

There's even a banner here that reads: Keith Wilkowski-- Turn Toledo around: Democrat for Mayor.

Wilkowski indicates he'll officially declare his candidacy soon. You may recall he unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2005.

Wilkowski says he's going to run a campaign similar to Obama's -- one that promotes change. An example of that is investment in green energy. He's on record as saying the city should monitor wind speeds to determine the potential of wind turbines. Wilkowski also is a supporter of solar panels.

In the meantime, he's launched his own web site.

He's also invited supporters to the headquarters on S. St. Clair for a meeting on Wednesday night at 7:00.