'Joe the plumber' pays off his $1,200 tax bill

Joe Wurzelbacher
Joe Wurzelbacher
Posted by Nick Dutton -

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Court documents say the now-famous "Joe the plumber" has paid off a $1,200 tax bill.

Joe Wurzelbacher says he never knew about the tax lien against him until reporters looked into his background.

Meanwhile, Ohio's governor has placed an agency director on leave, saying a state computer or state e-mail account may have been used to assist in political fundraising.

The director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has already been questioned over records checks made on Wurzelbacher. She acknowledges approving the checks after the last presidential debate, when Joe the Plumber became a household name.

A spokesman for the governor says the reason she's on leave is because of possibly using state resources for political fundraising, not the records checks. The records were never made public or released to the media.

Source: The Associated Press