When will COSI reopen?

VOTER TURNOUT: Lucas County had over 60% voter turnout. The ballots were not fully tallied until 10 a.m. Wednesday because 40% of Lucas County voters chose paper ballots, which take longer to count.
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LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Money matters did well at the polls in Lucas County as all five county-wide tax measures were approved. That includes passage of Issue 37 for COSI, which won by a margin of more than 11,000 votes.

News 11's Rob Wiercinski spoke with leaders at COSI about when it will reopen and how it will be different this time around -- including a name change.

One major goal has been reached...the levy has been approved...now, another one takes aim at COSI, developing a timeline for re-opening under a new name.

"We're talking with everybody... what their schedules are, how fast some things can be developed. All of those time frames need to be worked out. Actually working with all of the individual companies as well." says Lori Hauser, science center director of operations.

New exhibits at the hands-on science center will revolve around alternative energy and glass technology.

Hauser says, "Working with First Solar and Xunlight, we have a focus on a solar area. Working with Owens Corning, Libbey Glass, BP, all of those companies have offered their science engineers research teams to be able to work and develop some ideas."

Re-opening is being targeted for sometime next fall. When the doors are once again open, some fan favorites will still be around like the tilted room and the high-wire cycle.

Taxpayer support will help the operating side, but the science center will also need to collect private donations to help create the new exhibits.

"All of our business leaders have pledged support, and they were all waiting to see the passage of the levy would be the next step," Hauser tells us.

Something that won't change is the mission of trying to teach while children have fun in the process.