Oregon waitress gets $14,000 tip

Posted by Nick Dutton -

PORTLAND, OR (KOIN) - An incredible story of a Portland, Oregon waitress who got an unbelievable tip. A tip that has changed her life.

Like many people in their early 20's Kristina Downes has been trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. She got the shock of a lifetime last Tuesday when two of her customers gave her a big surprise.

"Smile you're on candid camera...it's a long story," says Downes.

She is perhaps one of the happiest people waiting tables Saylors Old Country Kitchen has seen in some time. Kristina Downes recently decided on a career in cosmetology. School by day, 
steaks to help pay tuition by night.

They like their customers. It turns out one of the customers liked Kristina pretty well too.
One of Kristina's regulars is a woman and her father who've taken an interest in Kristina. The woman perked up a little when Kristina told her she was enrolling in cosmetology school.

"She was asking me how I was going to pay for it and how I was going to get through it and I told her I was going to get this big loan and stuff and she said no -- interest rates are ridiculous
-- show me the information on paper."

So over dinner the woman looked over packet of information on cosmetology schoo, she and her dad finished dinner, and then handed Kristina a check for more than $14,000 dollars to pay for cosmetology school.

"I just hugged her for about three minutes and we were crying and it was the best day of my life."

She still plans to work during school, the generosity she's been shown is an act of kindness, hard to put into words and it's forged a friendship that'll last a lifetime.

Source: KOIN and CBS News.