Sandusky County sample ballot


U.S. presidential candidates

Party Candidate
Constitution Chuck Baldwin
Democratic Barack Obama
Green Cynthia McKinney
Libertarian Bob Barr
Republican John McCain
Socialist Brian Moore
No party Richard Duncan
No party Ralph Nader

Official write-in candidates for U.S. president

  • Donald Allen
  • Jonathan Allen
  • James Germalic
  • Alan Keyes
  • Platt Robertson
  • Joe Schriner
Attorney general candidates
Party Candidate
Democratic Richard Cordray
Republican Mike Crites
No party Robert Owens
United States representative

4th District

Party Candidate
Democratic Mike Carroll
Republican Jim D. Jordan
State Senate

2nd Ohio Senate District

Party Candidate
Democratic Jackie Brown
Republican Mark Wagoner

Statewide issues

Official explanations and statements for and against are provided by the Ohio Ballot Board.

State Issue 1 -- To provide for earlier filing deadlines for statewide ballots.

State Issue 2 -- To authorize the state to issue bonds to continue the Clean Ohio program for environmental revitalization and conservation.

State Issue 3 -- To amend the constitution to protect private property rights in ground water, lakes and other watercourses.

State Issue 5 -- Referendum on legislation making changes to check cash lending (sometimes known as payday lending), fees, interest rates and practices.

State Issue 6 -- To amend the constitution by initiative petition for a casino near Wilmington in southwest Ohio and distribute to all Ohio counties a tax on the casino.

(Issue #4 has been withdrawn.)

County and local issues
Woodville Township Tax Levy Renewal
Woodmore Schools Tax Levy
Sandusky Health District Tax Levy Replacement
York Township Tax Levy Renewal
Bellevue Schools Levy
EHOVE Schools
Sandusky County Commissioner (Jan 2)
  Terry Thatcher (R)
  Glenn Baker (D)
Sandusky County Commissioner (Jan 3)
  Danny Polter (R)
  Michael Hetrick (D)
Sanduky County Treasurer
  Don Nalley, Jr (D)
  Irma Celestino (R)