Polling issues include slow machines, paper jams

Scattered voting glitches are being reported at some polling places from the Eastern Seaboard to Chicago.

In some New Jersey precincts, voters needed to use paper ballots due to problems with electronic voting machines. In Chesapeake, Virginia, approximately 1,000 people had to stand in line to vote, and some people reported malfunctioning machines.

In counties around Richmond, Virginia, authorities said paper jams on some machines and balky touch-screen machines had local registrars also considering paper ballots.

The same issue came up in Chicago, where the touchscreen machine at the Club Lucky bar and restaurant was on the blink. That meant voters had to use paper ballots. Voting was slowed on the South Side when there weren't enough pens to mark ballots.

A Chicago official also reports that three election judges didn't show up, so he had to recruit volunteers from among voters standing in line. Things have been starting to move better, however, amid balmy weather.

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