Stabbing at UT Scott Park Campus

Posted by LS

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Our News 11 crew just arrived at the UT Scott Park Campus.

Larry Burns, vice president of UT external affairs, tells News 11 that two students were stabbed at 11:36 a.m. on the Scott Park campus by four assailants who fled the scene.

The incident happened in a commons area at the entrance to the Basic Science Laboratory Center (UT refers to it as building 320).

UT police responded within one minute. Toledo police were also on scene. UT triggered the campus-wide alert system, which reached students at 12:25.

The Scott Park Campus is located about 1 mile from the main University of Toledo campus on Parkside between Hill and Nebraska.

The campus houses classrooms used by the University of Toledo technical and community program.

The building also houses a Toledo Public Schools early college program. That school has been closed and students are being dismissed immediately. According to TPS spokesperson Patty Mazur, no TPS student was involved in the stabbing incident. The school has been closed for the day at the request of the Toledo police.