EcoTrack 11: Just where do those leaves go?

Report by Chris Vickers - email | bio
Posted by LS

(WTOL) - It's the beginning of fall leaf collections. Recycling yard waste has shown huge benefits over the past few years. So, where do all those leaves go?

Perrysburg Operations Supervisor Greg Kuhr explains. "The darker pile is a leaf compost. Those are last year's leaves. They sit on the ground and are turned a couple of times a year, then fed through a grinder. And that's pretty much the finished product that we allow the residents to take for free."

Transformed into compost for the local residents that is rich with organic nutrients.

"Very good to work into the soil, great for potting," says Kuhr.

Last year nearly 850 tons of leaves were collected or dropped off to compost sites in Perrysburg.

As the leaves continue to fall off the trees, the compost is going to continue to grow. By next spring you're going to be able to pick that compost up and use it in you garden.

Other acceptable items are ground up into fresh, still steaming, wood mulch. They take anything from small twigs to logs.

Participation has already exceeded last year, when over 1000 cubic yards of recycled wood much was spread across the city.

"It's free, back to the public. It saves us in operation costs, fuel, man hours. So it really does save in the long run," says Kuhr.

Many communities across the area participate in the savings, all to find a healthy solution to keeping yard waste out of landfills.