Guest Editorial: Turn challenges into opportunities

by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

Economic recovery will require the resolve of all Americans.

Here in Northwest Ohio, the banking crisis, home foreclosures and the layoffs at Jeep have sent shock waves through our economy.

We must look forward, and turn this latest challenge into opportunity -- opportunity to create new, good-paying jobs.

Importantly, we must continue to diversify our regional economy and develop new technology.

Intermodal transportation and renewable energy represent two outstanding opportunities for growth.

We are positioning Toledo to take advantage of its key geographic location, leading to new jobs in transportation, distribution and energy production.

With efforts I have sponsored, more than $50 million in federal research and development have come home to build new green power initiatives through public-private partnerships with NASA as well as the Departments of Defense, Energy, Commerce and Agriculture.

Yes, times are hard. Money is tight. Families are hurting.

Now, more than ever, we must create new opportunity, keeping our focus on the future to build a stronger, sustainable economy -- right here in Northwest Ohio -- for America's sake.