Finkbeiner opposes state casino issue

Report by Rob Wiercinski - email | bio
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TOLEDO (WTOL) - After meeting with the organizers of the Issue 6 and taking time to study the proposal, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner says he cannot support it, and he's urging people to vote no. "Issue 6 is a bad gamble for the people of Toledo and the people of Ohio," Finkbeiner says.

Toledo's mayor is coming out against a casino being built near Wilmington Ohio, even though he's not totally against casino gambling. "There are some that see it as the devil incarnate. I do not happen to be one of these people," he says.

If the issue passes, the casino would be required to pay a tax of up to 30 percent on its gross receipts, but language in the proposal would reduce those taxes if another casino is allowed to open in Ohio. "Issue 6 creates a constitutional-protected monopoly, with no accountability to anyone," Finkbeiner tells News 11. He adds that the state of OHio would not be able to effectively regulate the casino.

Those who also hope Issue 6 will come up snake-eyes on November 4 are members of the Ohio Gaming Commission. "Toledo does not reap any of the benefit," says Jerry Chabler with the commission, "Any of the gaming folks in Toledo that go to Michigan, they're still going to go to Michigan because of the location of the casino."

Others who are urging a 'no' vote on Issue 6 also say they're not against a casino opening someday in Ohio. They say it needs to open under the right set of circumstances. Mary Ann Sharkey is voting no. "We're not anti-casino. We are opposed to a monopoly casino put into the Ohio Constitution." She adds, "I think it's got to be the right issue at the right time, and it's got to benefit the entire state -- not just one part of the state for one group of private investors."