2 indicted in death of Kaycie Bork

Kaycie Bork, 2, died last week after being hit in the face by her mother's fiance, police say.
Kaycie Bork, 2, died last week after being hit in the face by her mother's fiance, police say.

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The two people police say are responsible for the death of Kaycie Bork, 3, were indicted by the Lucas County Grand Jury on Tuesday.

Troy Semenovich was indicted for aggravated murder and Malissa Lusk for murder and child endangerment.

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UPDATE--The toddler allegedly beaten by her mother's fiance has died, News 11 has learned. Kaycie Bork, 3, died Friday morning after being taken off life support.

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TOLEDO (WTOL) -- A Toledo mother now sits in jail on a $250,000 bond for child endangerment.

Police arrested the mother's fiance this week for beating the child. They believe the mother knew of the abuse -- and didn't stop it.

After the toddler's mother, Malissa Lusk, faced a judge Thursday morning, the toddler's grandmother collapsed in grief just outside the courtroom. She says her big fear is that her granddaughter won't survive and that her daughter won't be at the child's side.

Lusk, 27, walked into court in tears. She's a mother of six, and it is her youngest, 3-year-old Kaycie, who was rushed to the hospital Monday night.

Lusk's fiance, 25-year-old Troy Semenovich, was home with Kaycie and two of her siblings when he hit her in the face, causing her to fall back and hit her head on the floor, police say. When Lusk came home, she noticed Kaycie was unresponsive and told Semenovich to take her to the hospital.

Kaycie had bleeding on the brain, but doctors also noticed older injuries to her head, back and legs. Police say Semenovich had been abusing Kaycie for a period of time, and the court charged Lusk, saying she knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it.

Lusk's mother does not believe the allegations. She says her granddaughter is near death and  her daughter needs to be at the hospital -- not jail.

"She's not good. She's not good. And, she needs her momma with her right now," Kathy Going said. "Yesterday, when they took Mallissa away from her, her blood pressure went straight down. And you know that baby knows her momma is not with her right now. She needs to be with her."

Kaycie died Friday morning after being taken off life support. Doctors said she remained unresponsive.

A relative is taking care of Lusk's other five children. Police say none of the other children show signs of having been abused.