Accused gunman in UT shooting will be tried as adult

Report by Lisa Rantala - email | bio
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TOLEDO (WTOL) - A Toledo teenager accused of robbing and shooting a UT student will now be certified as an adult in the case.

A hearing for 17-year-old Ron Cole was held Monday morning, October 27. The teen is facing four charges for the crime: three counts of aggravated robbery and one count of felonious assault.

It all stems from a night in September when six college students were robbed at gunpoint. One of tem was shot twice.

Ron Cole's friends and family left juvenile court in tears after the hearing. This was after they learned Cole will be transferred to the Lucas County jail on Monday from the juvenile justice center.

Cole is accused of robbing the UT students on Broer St. just off campus. Evan Smith, 19, said the gunman that night took his $80 and shot him in the shoulder and pinky finger.

Smith took the stand in Cole's probable cause hearing Monday along with a girl who was talking to Cole before the robbery. She first told investigators that Cole showed her a gun, told her to get in the house and then she heard five to six shots.

The judge did find probable cause in the case.

That means the aggravated robbery charges will be transferred to adult court, but the felonious assault charge must go through another phase in the juvenile system before it is transferred.

Prosecutor Lori Olender says, "The testimony was that there were multiple gunshots. It could have not hit just somebody in the arm, it could have hit somebody in the heart. It could have hit somebody somewhere else. That's another reason it needs to be certified."