Exactly how much Toledo levies will cost you

Toledo Voter, Allison Cole
Toledo Voter, Allison Cole
Report by Colleen Wells

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Voters won't just be deciding on candidates this election day. There are also a number of tax levies on the ballot, and with voters feeling the pinch of a tighter economy, many are wondering just how much each levy is going to cost them.

With a few clicks of the mouse, voters using the free online program called Aries can find out just how much the proposed levies would cost them.

The program breaks down each levy and shows exact amounts, not just estimations. If it's an existing tax, Aries shows how much you're already paying, how much you would pay if the levy passes, and then shows the the additional cost.

Users just have to type in their addresses, click on the data tab and then the levy estimator.

Based on your property value, Aries calculates to the dollar what each proposed levy would cost you.

For Allison Cole, the total is just under 300 hundred additional dollars. She says, "I thought it would be more than that to tell you the truth, I'm surprised its less than I thought."

Although she says this information is not going to change her mind come election day, she soes say that the individulized cost-calculater helps her feel more informed.

And she says it's a site she'll visit again for the next election.