He paid for a boat, but can't use it

Reported by Mika Highsmith -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

Toledo, Ohio (WTOL) - Fred Failes has had a boat parked behind his home for months, ever since his nephew purchased it. When the owner moved to Cleveland, he left it with his uncle because after paying for the boat he spent months trying to get it registered, but each of his attempts failed.

Failes says it has a registered engine and trailer, but the actual boat isn't registered, so his nephew can't use it. The bureau told him the title was no good, which neither Failes nor his nephew can understand.

The boat was purchased from a Mr. Vick who had a valid title for the same boat back in 2002. It was then sold into Michigan and according to Failes, "Somewhere the michigan numbers used to identify the boat got changed or ignored."

The boat's registration number is 571, but Failes says it was mistakenly recorded as 471.

Failes has done research trying to locate the same number on the boat and the paperwork, and he says it's not fair for his nephew to pay.

"They made an error and registered it to Vick Doyle and somehow they catch error when my nephew goes to register it," Failes says. "There's nothing we can do. The title bureau says the same thing."

Mika Highsmith decided the best thing to do would be to go up the ladder to the state level. She contacted the person in charge of titles in Columbus, faxed him the paperwork, and now he is working with Failes to straighten out the problem.