600 workers at Toledo Machining Plant offered buyout packages

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PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - One day after it was announced hundreds of employees at the Toledo North Assembly Plant will lose their jobs, the 600 workers left at the Toledo Machining Plant are once again being offered buyout packages.

The workforce has dwindled and some production lines have been dropped. A union contract approved in 2007 says no work is guaranteed at the plant past 2011. That's why a $100,000 dollar buyout and more perks appeals to some workers.

"They've expanded the options a little bit. Including $10,000 retraining. Have to use it in two years potentially, but they have chiseled off all the details on it," says Jeremiah Cutler who's undecided about the buyout.

Some won't take the buyout, preferring to ride thing out until the current contract expires. "Best decision. Don't anybody know which way plant going anyway," says Larry Reynolds.

Accepting the 100,000 buyout is a no brainier for twelve year Chrysler worker Mike Schumer. "It's a done deal. There's nothing happening at our plant. The place is going downhill fast. The whole industry."

Mike's wife Patty supports his decision. "Things have been so up and down. Somebody needs to make a choice, go with it. At this point , time to take in a new direction."

Mike's new direction is opening a motorcycle repair shop. "Whether G.M takes us or anybody else, that plant is gone in not too long a timeframe."

Chrysler will cut 25 percent of salaried work force

DETROIT (AP) - Chrysler LLC says it will cut 25 percent of its salaried work force starting next month.

Chrysler said yesterday it will cut nearly 2000 total jobs including more than 800 at Toledo's Jeep Plant.

And as companies look to stay ahead of the slumping economy, more and more blue and white collar workers are losing their jobs.

The company says the cuts are in addition to those previously announced and will be done through involuntary layoffs and voluntary retirements and buyouts.

Chrysler has about 18,500 white-collar workers.

The company said in a statement Friday that employees also were told to cut discretionary and overhead expenses and reduce capital expenditures not related to major products.

Chrysler's owner, Cerberus Capital Management LP, is in talks to sell the company or merge with another. Discussions are under way with General Motors Corp. and the combined Nissan  Motor Co. and Renault SA.

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