The ripple effect of the Jeep layoffs

Report by Tanieya Lewis - email | bio
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TOLEDO (WTOL) - The Toledo North Assembly Plant will soon cut more than 800 jobs.

It's not just those workers who are being affected. The entire community is also scrambling to deal with the blow.

Tough economic times in Toledo are about to get even tougher.

"The economy is tough," says Council Member Tom Waniewski, "I keep wondering when we're going to stem the tide."

With Jeep cutting 825 high paying jobs, city leaders are already crunching the numbers. Council members say they are facing a $1.2 million dollar hit.

Council Member D. Michael Collins says, "It's going to be a painful process. Things that we do, which are core services can not be compromised."

"We've got to provide police and fire. We've got to provide infrastructure. We've got to pick up refuse. If there's anything we can privatize in our budget, refuse is top on that list," says Waniewski.

Or the city gets creative with the budget using capital improvement money to pay the bills.

Waniewski says, "I hate to play the shell game with money, but it has been my position always, to stem the spending. And there are many things that we shouldn't be spending dollars on."

The impact of this bomb shell reaches beyond city lines. It also leaves Lucas County in the lurch.

"In the short term, this is not what this county needs. We are a manufacturing community. This is our flagship manufacturer. It's tough to take," says Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerkin.

Gerkin also says this is only the beginning. The ripple effect will also hit suppliers, which will force even more layoffs. "This is a very sobering day and a somber day. We've had layoffs at the Jeep plant before. I've been through it where whole shifts have been eliminated, but never in an economic climate like this," he tells us.