EcoTrack 11: Local family sells organic baby products

Report by Tara Hastings - email

(WTOL) - When this family couldn't cure their baby's diaper rash in three weeks, they tried their own formula. It worked, and it turned into a Internet business that's successful for them and for the environment.

When Josh and Maria Malchunik's youngest daughter Avery had a diaper rash for three weeks they tried everything. "We found out that there were a lot of harmful chemicals in some of the products we were trying out," says Josh.

So they decided to make their own cream using natural and organic products, and it worked. "We applied it to our daughter, and the next day it was 50 percent better."

By day two, Avery's diaper rash was gone, and the parents of three knew they had a business idea.

The Malcuhniks started out all their effort in their own kitchen, but they needed a little help to get it from here to there, so they decided to consult a laboratory.

Josh says, "What we ended up doing was kind of what the new trend is, and that is a virtual company. That's outsourcing parts of your business to other locations."

Then, Baby Wise Organics was born. They're on the Internet sharing what worked for them with others.

They expanded their inventory to include baby oil, wash and lotion. All using organic ingredients like avocado oil, lavender and chamomile for fragrance.

Neighbor and mother of two Kelly Hiss uses the products. "This was the first organic product that I've really tried on their skin, and it's done well. We've been real happy with it."

The business is also 'green'. Each container has a mailing label on it, which is sent back to be recycled.

Avery is all smiles now thanks to a little help from mom, dad and mother nature.