North Toledo man arrested in child assault

Kaycie Bork, 3, is listed in critical condition.
Kaycie Bork, 3, is listed in critical condition.
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NORTH TOLEDO (WTOL) A man is behind bars after being charged with causing critical injuries to a child. Kaycie Bork, 3, is listed in critical condition Monday morning.

Police say it happened at a home in the 900 block of Homer in north Toledo. Troy Semenovich, 25, is in Lucas County jail charged with felonious assault. Police tell he us  is the live-in finace of the little girl's mother, Mallissa Lusk.

Investigators say the couple brought Bork to the hospital Monday, October 20, and she was unresponsive. Hospital officials thought the explanation of how the little girl got hurt was suspicious, so they called police.

Investigators aren't saying how Bork was injured or exaclty what her injuries are. They do believe it happened at the residence on Homer.

We expect to learn more details on this case from investigators in the coming hours.