Camping out for McCain at SeaGate Centre

Reported by Paula Johnson - email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Just having tickets to Senator McCain's rally wasn't enough for several supporters. They had to be there bright and early to get good seats.

The stage was set early Sunday, as workers prepared for Senator John McCain's visit. Outside SeaGate Centre, street vendors came prepared for the crowds with t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers.

McCain supporter Gregory Symington says, "I'm old and decrepit. Had a stroke and to be here is wonderful."

Lines formed early, to get the best seats in the house. Even when temperatures dipping to near freezing levels.

"It was about 40 I believe but we came prepared. Gloves layers. Take those off before we go in to see John speak," Vickie Snyder of Fremont.

These folks say John McCain support is growing in Ohio, as several democrats are changing their tune.

Diane Thatcher says she's supporting McCain. She was a Hillary supporter, but has changed her values.

Stephanie Wiza is also a McCain supporter. "My husband owns a small business. We're tired of being taxed."

Supports say they're not sure if they're signs will help sway voters, but some are traveling from rally to rally to try.

"This is our second one. We hear Palin is going to be in town Wednesday so probably hit that one too," says Mary Beth Reader of Bryan.