Northwest Ohio voters nervous about election tampering

Reported by Jonathan Walsh -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) Investigations into possible voter fraud in Ohio have made some local voters nervous about election tampering.  At the Lucas County Board of Elections, some suspicious registrations have been pulled aside and faith is being put into the process, to catch those who might try to steal the election in such a crucial state.

Early voter Ron Downing has seen the news reports about allegations of registration tampering.

"I think about it a lot...It's something you have to put a lot of trust into the system and hope that the proper people are looking at it and trying to get it taken care of," says Downing.

Meet the people trying to do just that, board of elections workers are checking signatures, verifying information and scouring ballots for anything out of the ordinary.

Linda Howe is the board's director. Besides the signature check, people are sent a card. If it's returned to the board, they know that person doesn't live at the said address. Then as part of the verification system, people have to show up at the polls with an id. A social security number, utility bill, government check, something to help prove they are who they claim to be.

"We maybe have one or two that are something of that nature (fraudulent) and we referred those to the prosecutor's office...For the most part people are honest citizens."

But it's the bad apples who have some voters saying fraud.

"It is something you think about when you go to the polls and you just hope everyone's doing their job," says voter Colleen Neary.

And it's the dishonest few who put some voters on the defensive.

"That's why we come down here today to make sure our voices are heard," says Downing.