Findlay mom pulls kid from school over safety

Report by Dick Berry - email
Posted by LS

FINDLAY (WTOL) - A mother in Findlay has pulled her child out of school and switched to home schooling over safety concerns. She's even started a web site.

Anthony Nally says he's afraid to go to school: Findlay High School.

Last year, he was beat up by a classmate in an off-campus, after school fight. That guy is now in prison after pleading guilty to assault.

Earlier this month, Anthony was threatened and pushed by one of the boys involved in the attack. He won't show his face for this interview

Anthony worries he'll be killed.

"Because when their friend hit me and put me into a seizure, He's in jail so now they want to end my life," he says.

Anthony's mom Janette thinks her son is not alone. That's why she's launched a MySpace page titled 'Protect our Kids.'

The site will be used as a meeting place for parents, teens and the community to talk about violence and ways to prevent it. "It's mainly for the kids safety so they have a safe place to tell their fears," she says.

"We're hoping the kids come forward and start explaining what their fears are, asking the community for help."

So far the 'Protect our Kids' site has received 36 responses. The goal also is to keep Findlay a safe town and stop teen violence before it gets out of hand. "These kids are going to hurt each other... kill each other before anything gets done. We need to stop that before it happens."

For now, Janette has started to home school Anthony. He has no plans to return to Findlay High School. "People beat people up for no reason," he says.


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