2 Whitmer teachers resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Two Whitmer teachers accused of sexual activity with former students have resigned. Their resignations were accepted by the Washington Local School Board, which held a meeting Wednesday evening.
Mat Brueggemann and John Shook are accused of providing alcohol to students and of having sex with female students following graduation.
Board members made no comment following the meeting.
Following is the original story that appeared on News 11 and WTOL.com.

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Two Whitmer teachers have been suspended with pay while the school investigates whether they had sex with female students.

Mat Brueggemann and John Shook are social studies teachers who are accused of waiting until girls turned 18 so they could have sexual relationships with them. The school wants to know if they also had sexual relationships with girls while the girls were still Whitmer students.

Brueggemann is one of the freshman football coaches and a social studies teacher. Shook teaches WWII to seniors and Government to juniors.

News 11 spoke with a former student who says she had the opportunity to take classes taught by both teachers and opted out because of what she calls their "bad reputation."

Both teachers face a school hearing on the matter Oct. 9.