People spending money on surprising things in hard times

Report by Jonathan Walsh

Toledo (WTOL) - In tough economic times where are you spending your money?

You may be surprised by a new report concerning where people are putting their cash.

Jonathan Walsh caught up with Barbara and Clay Murphy who are hoping the rough economy drives through quickly so we can get back to better times.

Mrs. Walsh says, "When I was in school you used to buy the bag of chips and pop because you could, but now that's cheaper than the meal that they give you at school."

The Walshes tell us they can see why people are spending more money on junk food and comfort food. Mr. Walsh believes it's mainly because junk food is more afforable.

"Sugar stuff is on sale all the time, but your fruit and vegetables aren't," says Mrs. Walsh.

But food isn't the only area people are spending money.

Nabil Shaheen who owns the Quick Stop on Dorr Street says lottery cales are up and people are "punching in numbers, playing their numbers, buying scratch-offs, printing up hope to get rich quick."

He says the economy has opened the door to steady beer sales and customers are "still drinkin', buyin' beer, still playin' the lottery. Many people are using the ATM and credit cards..."

Anthony Hines, a customer at the Quick Stop, says "Me for instance,  I wouldn't spend my money on that. I'd be trying to save my money. People would save a lot more money if they didn't smoke beer and cigarettes."

But some say people aren't being penny wise.

"They're looking for a way out," says customer George Thompson. "It's hard for me to believe that people have extra money and money that they do have they're wasting and spending on things like that."

For the Murphy's it's a sign of the times.