Family forced to live without heat

Reported by Mika Highsmith - bio | email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Moving into a new home should be a time full of joy and excitement, but one Sylvania family says their experience is packed with aggravation because they can't get the gas turned on.

In hopes of resolving the issue, they turned to problem solver Mika Highsmith.

There are still boxes full of belongings in Angela Richardson's house. She can't get too comfortable in her new house because without natural gas she has no heat and no hot water.

Richardson, her husband and their three kids are doing what they can to get by. The home is cold, forcing Richardson to  heat water on the stove.

She says she called Columbia Gas to transfer service a week before taking possession of the house, and that's when she learned that her home was under investigation because the previous owner had been srealing gas.

The Richardson family, who got a great deal on the foreclosed home, is now paying the price.

While the family was hoping to settle in, the gas company told them it takes time to investigate the complaints.

The Richardsons faxed the company all of the required documents but were still waiting for the gas when they called News 11.

Mike Highsmith spoked with Columbia Gas, and the Richardson's gas was turned back on right before the first cold snap.

As far as the person who stole the gas, it is a very dangerous and serious offense that can be prosecuted.