Man who found Eileen Adams' body talks to News 11

This report aired initially in 2006.
Report by Lisa Rantala
Posted by LS

(WTOL) - The last 39 years has been a deep burden for the Adams' family. Their 14-year-old daughter Eileen was found murdered in January of 1968.

In 2006, when the case was reopened, News 11 spoke with the man who found her body.

"Yes, I could put myself in their shoes," he says, "how stressful it was for them." The man, who didn't not want to show his face, added, "It's the kind of emotion of someone getting away with it, you know."

He never met Eileen but talked to us about discovering her body. "The rug was wrapped around her... The feet were sticking out of it."

Police say cords bound Eileen's body. The man found her here near his Monroe County farm a month after she disappeared.

As for the killer, "I thought at the time, he's probably a monster," the man tells us.

Investigators now say he's 70-year-old Robert Bowman. They think he kidnapped Eileen along Sylvania Avenue, raped her and held her captive in his basement.

They say he strangled her, but this witness fears he didn't end up in Monroe County alone. "How could one person carry up that rug by himself?"

So he says his peace will come with a capture and confession. "I just hope they find him, and he owns up to it."