Columbia Gas improves its service to customers

Reported by Mika Highsmith email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

(WTOL) - Columbia Gas recently increased its services to customers.

The company is now absorbing the cost of some repairs that were previously the consumer's responsibility.

When Les Owen found out there was a leak in his gas line from the house to the street last year, he was shocked. He said a Columbia Gas employee told him, "I'm going to cut your gas off," and then did.

Being told he would have to pay to replace the line really rattled Owens -- as it did Michael Mabis when he received the same news.

Well, the good news is Columbia Gas customers no longer have to pay to replace lines that go to the street.

It's all a part of Columbia Gas's new program that company spokesperson Chris Kozak says will make communities and homes safer: replacing risers -- some 600 a day -- and checking lines.

"Since April we've replaced more than 4,000 lines across the state," Kozak said, all while saving homeowners like Owen who had to shell out about $1,500 in a moment's notice.

For those of you who purchased extra insurance to cover any problems from your home to the street, you no longer need that coverage. It's from an outside company, so if you haven't dropped the coverage, make sure you do.

Of course, it's probably still wise to have insurance to cover the lines underneath your house.