Oops, my mistake... gas for 33 cents in Toledo

Report by Colleen Wells - email | bio
Posted by LS

CENTRAL TOLEDO (WTOL) - Talk about a deal... some people in Toledo got a big break on gas prices Tuesday afternoon, September 30. They were filling up for 33-cents a gallon at a BP station near downtown.

The sign at the gas station said $3.39, which doesn't sound too bad. When folks filled up at the pump though, it rang up as 33-cents a gallon.

Viewers sent in photos as soon as they realized the unintentional bargain.

As you can imagine, it didn't take long for lines to form at the gas station. We caught up with one driver who bought almost 15 gallons for five bucks. In fact, the scene became pretty crazy and police had to be called.

This wasn't a case of generosity. It was actually a mistake. We're told an employee accidentally entered 33.9 cents instead of 3.39 into the pumps.

The deal didn't last long as the station quickly ran out of regular unleaded.