Toledo police looking for mother of injured infant

Update by LS

UPDATE: The mother has turned herself in. See the report: W. Toledo infant hospitalized; mother and boyfriend arrested.

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo police are looking into what led to an infant being taken to the Toledo Hospital with numerous broken bones.

Toledo police have one person behind bars, and they are now looking for a second suspect, the child's mother.

Police tell us the little girl was taken to the hospital with broken bones and other sores being investigated.

The incident happened in the 4500 block of Eastway in west Toledo this past Saturday. According to a police report, the child's mother, Joy Kinsman, called 9-1-1 back on Sept. 27, saying she and her boyfriend, Michael Turski, found the 11-month-old female having trouble breathing.

When emergency crews arrived, they found the child was limp and was struggling to breath. The little girl had severe head trauma, a broken arm, and bruising on the back, hip and forehead.

Officers have arrested Turski, charging him with endangering children. He was arrested last night and was in court earlier today.

They're still trying to locate 21-year-old Kinsman.

We're being told the child is currently in the custody of the county and could be released from the hospital sometime soon.

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