They threw a brick at her car -- and she's speaking out

Reported by Lisa Rantala email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) -  A Toledo mother says she was driving down Dorr St. Monday night when someone threw a brick off the bridge near Smead.

Harris says she was on her way home looking down at the road when something came from overhead.

"At first, I thought I was shot." Karen Harris said. "It doesn't have a hole in it, but glass still came all on in all over me."

Harris is upset.

"I could have been cut up or dead or ran into the other cars that was coming up the side of me," Harris said.

According to police, someone threw a brick or large stone from the bridge. Harris says she swerved to the side and called police.

Detectives say it will be nearly impossible to investigate. So, Harris wants something else. She wants curfew enforcement and more patrols at overpasses.

For the kids who did it, she has this to say: "I don't think you were actually trying to hurt me or kill me but you actually could have killed me."

She wants them to find another way to occupy their time, a way that won't get in the way of her making it home alive.

"I understand that they're probably just having fun but somebody can actually be killed. I could have been dead today, taken away from my son."